Coach Tommy Moffitt: The Man Behind The Moffitt Method

Are you searching for the right strength and conditioning training to help guide your team down the path to a championship? The Moffitt Method helps coaches and athletic departments amplify their teams’ performance for athletic success. But who is Tommy Moffitt, and what was his inspiration for developing this comprehensive training application? Get to know the man behind The Moffitt Method

Who Is Tommy Moffitt?

Coach Tommy Moffitt is a national leader in strength and conditioning expertise. His experience began at Tennesee Tech as a member of the college football team. After success on the field and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1986, he remained as a coach for the following season.

This taste for coaching led Coach Moffitt to pursue a career helping athletes achieve excellence. And in New Orleans, LA, he helped high school athletes in football, track & field, wrestling, and weightlifting learn how to reach their full potential. After six seasons and an 84-4 record, he moved on to college coaching at Miami University and the University of Tennessee. With over three decades of coaching experience, Tommy Moffitt has amassed three state championships, five Southeastern Conference championships, and three national championships.

The Moffitt Method

With a desire to bring his expertise to a wider audience and to help even more teams succeed in their sport, Tommy Moffitt developed his own unique strength and conditioning program: The Moffitt Method. Coaches nationwide can connect with professional trainers through modern technology. The coaches at The Moffitt Method help you develop goals for your team, even breaking down benchmarks for each individual player. 

With a love of athletics and a drive for success, Coach Moffitt and his team strive to help sports teams and athletic departments take their talents to the next level. Whether you coach football, basketball, baseball or softball, or another sport, we develop a customized strength and conditioning regimen for your team at an affordable cost. 

In addition to the training app, you can listen in to The Moffitt Method Podcast, hosted by Tommy Moffitt, for education and inspiration within the world of athletics. Learn about strength and conditioning, sports medicine, mental training, and more alongside Coach Moffitt and guests from around the country.

Help Lead Your Team to Victory

If you are ready to equip your team with the tools and training for a winning season, The Moffitt Method can help you do it. We provide a customized approach for strength and conditioning training individualized to your athletes’ needs. And with metrics tracking and weekly check-ins available via our convenient app, you can optimize your team’s performance and meet individual athlete goals.
Are you ready to experience innovative remote training developed by Tommy Moffitt? Sign up today or get in touch with us to learn more. Send us a message or give us a call at 337-279-3561.