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The Moffitt Method’s football program trains players to go the extra mile. We develop strong, explosive athletes conditioned to play over four quarters. Our program focuses on the development of speed skills that are crucial to football. This training provides players with the power to dominate the opponent at the line of scrimmage.

Set the Pace. Every Game.

Each team is paired with a dedicated strength and conditioning coach. We collaborate with your team’s coaches to create a customized training program.

Our goal is to become an extension of your staff and take ownership of the team alongside you. Each week, we will reach out to you to discuss upcoming games, practices, regimens, weight goals, and more. From there, we determine which adjustments and modifications are needed. Each month, we will discuss the upcoming cycle and the purpose behind the programming. 

As a coach, we want you to become completely confident in the capabilities of your athletes. This is a team effort, and we wish to become a part of your team by developing champions on and off the field. When you win, we win.

strength and conditioning for football players

How It Works


Book A Call with a Coach.

This 30-minute video meeting to talk about the programs, how we can help, and what we would suggest.


Complete The Moffitt Method Intake Form.

Each answer helps us tailor your team’s programming, goals, and needs.


Detailed Testing for Detailed Personal Training.

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the Teambuildr app on your phone.


Start Training.

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the app.


Stay in Touch.

You’ll have a continuous conversation with your coach, with constant messaging and monthly video calls. You stay dialed in. We stay by your side.


Get Your Athletes Ready to Dominate.

Believe it.



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Prepare your team for Victory

With a dedicated strength training coach, you can train your team for a fraction of the cost.

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