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The Science of Strength

The road to a championship team starts here.

Often young athletes miss the strength and endurance training that takes them from good to great. At The Moffitt Method, we provide this vital value to your athletes to ensure optimal performance on the field or in the weight room. Backed by big names in the strength and conditioning world, our coaches come with college and pro-level experience, as well as a wide academic background in sports management and physical education. In short, we provide remote strength and conditioning training solutions that empower your athletes to excel. Our method isn’t just something we believe in, it’s the science of strength.

About The Moffitt Method

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Redefining Strength Training

Each team is assigned a certified strength and conditioning coach, specially trained in The Moffitt Method’s philosophy and standards of excellence. Our coach works directly with you and your athletic directors to develop a customized strength and conditioning program, which can be tailored to each sport and each individual athlete. Throughout our program and moving forward, all players and coaches can access the program’s workouts via the app. This software also tracks player metrics, including individual maxes, progress, and evaluation reports. Each week, our team works with your team to create the next week’s plan. This includes making necessary adjustments to optimize the team’s performance.

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