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The Moffitt Method’s experienced coaches have the expertise to help your athletes excel. Some sports demand greater strength. Others may require more endurance or additional skills for success. We can customize a strength and conditioning program that is specific to your sport, to your team, and to your individual athletes. If your star player needs to jump higher, their regimen will be tailored to reflect that. Let The Moffit Method take your team to the next level.

One Coach.
One You.

Whether your sport is volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, or something else, let us know what you’re struggling with overcoming. Our coaches are well versed in the exercise regimens required to excel in nearly every sport and can offer guidance and support in any areas that may prove difficult to manage for your players. We help you develop the edge needed to be just a little bit faster, stronger, or fitter. Every little bit counts when you’re competing at a high level.

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How It Works


Book A Call with a Coach.

This 30-minute video meeting to talk about the programs, how we can help, and what we would suggest.


Complete The Moffitt Method Intake Form.

Each answer helps us tailor your team’s programming, goals, and needs.


Detailed Testing for Detailed Personal Training.

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the Teambuildr app on your phone.


Start Training.

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the app.


Stay in Touch.

You’ll have a continuous conversation with your coach, with constant messaging and monthly video calls. You stay dialed in. We stay by your side.


Get Your Athletes Ready to Dominate.

Believe it.



Have questions that are not answered below?  Please reach out to info@themoffittmethod.fit or start a chat session with a member of our customer success team.

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With a dedicated strength training coach, you can train your team for a fraction of the cost.

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