1 to 1 Training

Training Designed For You

This program was designed with a specific individual in mind, who is none other than yourself. It isn’t intended to cater to everyone’s needs but is tailored exclusively for you.

Experience the expertise of The Moffitt Method’s skilled 1 to 1 Training Coach, who is dedicated to helping you and the athletes thrive. Whether your sport demands superior strength, enhanced endurance, or refined skills, we have the ability to create a personalized strength and conditioning program that caters to your specific needs. Our individualized athlete program is tailored to ensure optimal performance in your chosen sport. What to be the star player or what to soar higher? Our regimens are meticulously crafted to address that very goal. Elevate your potential with The Moffitt Method and propel yourself to new heights.

Combined Strength

With an impressive group of strength and conditioning experts boasting over a century of combined coaching experience, The Moffitt Method supports you, the athletes, in the weight room and life. Our team holds a remarkable collection of credentials, including over ten bachelor’s degrees, five master’s degrees, and two PhDs. Additionally, we have obtained numerous coaching certifications, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the field.

We are committed to helping you thrive, not only in your physical training but also in your overall development as individuals. Our expertise extends beyond the weight room, encompassing valuable life skills and character-building principles. We believe in nurturing well-rounded athletes who can excel on and off the field.

Put your trust in The Moffitt Method, and let us empower you to reach your full potential in your athletic pursuits and personal lives.

Strength Redefined

Experience unparalleled accountability with a dedicated coach supporting you throughout your strength and conditioning programming —around the clock, every single day.


24/7 Access To Your Coach – Uninterrupted Connectivity
Regular Progress Tracking and Adjustments
Regular Online Progress Evaluations
Weekly Online Progress Check-ins
Monthly Video Calls
Comprehensive Assessment and Goal Setting
Customized Training Programs
Regular Progress Tracking and Adjustments
Achievement Celebrations and Milestone Recognition

How It Works


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This 30-minute video meeting will set your goals, review your training schedule, and identify your needs.


Detailed Testing for Detailed Personal Training

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via our app on your phone.


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You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the app.


Stay in Touch

You’ll continuously converse with your coach with constant messaging and monthly video calls. You stayed dialed in; we remain by your side.



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