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The Moffitt Method.

At The Moffitt Method, we work with your team to provide remote strength and conditioning training solutions that empower your athletes to excel. Our accessible app and online platform deliver custom programming to coaches and players. We look at the needs of each individual sport and school to develop a program specifically designed for victory. Highly customized workout plans designed by championship winning coaches are available at the press of a button. 

We are a group of strength and conditioning experts with more than a century of combined coaching experience. In addition to holding numerous coaching certifications, our academic credentials include over 10 bachelor’s degrees, five master’s degrees, and two PhDs. We know we can help your athletes succeed in the weight room and in life. Why do it alone when you could have a community of expert coaches in your corner?

Strength Redefined

The Moffitt Method has redefined elite-level strength training and conditioning. We provide expert training remotely, giving coaches the freedom to focus on developing their teams. This invaluable training comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time strength coach for your team or facility. Our platform makes monitoring and streaming workouts simple, delivering a program that’s effective and affordable.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. Each athlete is unique, each team is unique, and we believe your program should be unique—fully customized from start to finish. Learn more about how we can push your team to the next level.

Get to Know The Team

When we partner with your school and athletic department, we want our coaches to become a part of your team. So get to know ours! Our coaches have an impressive set of credentials you’ll want to check out.


“Consistent progress in my physical strength and agility”

Throughout my time, using Coach Moffitt’s workouts, I had consistent progress in my physical strength and agility. My growth in the weight room propelled me to the next level in my game.

Tory Carter

LSU 2019 National Champion, Tennessee Titan fullback

“Moffitt Method saved my career and changed my life”

Being an athlete who showed up to campus 30 pounds overweight, The Moffitt Method saved my career and changed my life. If you trust and believe in the program and stay consistent every day, you will be more than happy with the results that you see.

Jeremy Hill

LSU Tiger 2013 1st Team All-SEC Running back
’14 2nd Round Cincinnati Bengals
6 yr Cincinnati/New England

“Our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams [have] yielded massive gains and results”

There is no better method than The Moffitt Method for strength and conditioning athletes of all sports, male or female. I was incredibly fortunate to meet him in 2017 and he took me under his wing as a mentor and friend. Since that day, and switching to The Moffitt Method, we have gone 65-9 with 5 straight region titles, 3 straight state semi-finals, and a state championship appearance. We recently added it to our Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams for this season and have already yielded massive gains and results. If you want the premier way to train your athletes, there is no better way than The Moffitt Method.

Logan Rebstock

Assist. Head Football Coach / DC / Head Strength Coach
Head S&C for Boys and Girls Basketball
Haywood HS (Brownsville, TN)

Strength Redefined

At The Moffitt Method, we have redefined what it means to provide elite-level strength and conditioning. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time strength coach for your team/facility, we can provide expert strength and conditioning remotely to allow coaches to focus on developing their teams for the field of play. In today’s technological age, the ease of delivering workouts and programs through an online app and platform allows for easy monitoring and transmission.

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