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Our pricing packages are based on the number of athletes for which we’d be developing these highly customized strength and conditioning programs. Take a look at each package to see what best suits your school’s needs. As always, we’re happy to answer any questions.

Package Levels


Up to 40 Athletes


per month


41-60 Athletes


per month


61-80 Athletes


per month


81+ Athletes


per month


Moffitt Immersive

Want an even more next-level experience with our all-star coaching team? Immerse yourself in The Moffitt Method. Learn beside one of our coaches and schedule biweekly calls with Coach Moffitt himself. You’ll get direct access to our team of subject matter experts!

**Custom brand your app for an additional $49.99 per month.

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Skeptical on how we can take your athletes to the next level?

Book a discovery call with us today and we can take you through how The Moffitt Method works. We’ll walk you through the app and answer all your questions!

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How It Works


Book A Call with a Coach.

This 30-minute video meeting to talk about the programs, how we can help, and what we would suggest.


Complete The Moffitt Method Intake Form.

Each answer helps us tailor your team’s programming, goals, and needs.


Detailed Testing for Detailed Personal Training.

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the Teambuildr app on your phone.


Start Training.

You’ll access your daily, individualized program via the app.


Stay in Touch.

You’ll have a continuous conversation with your coach, with constant messaging and monthly video calls. You stay dialed in. We stay by your side.


Get Your Athletes Ready to Dominate.

Believe it.


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