Episode 12:
Ryan Metzger – Assistant Director of Olympic Sports Performance


March 15, 2023

Ryan Metzger is the 2022 NSCA Assistant College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

Guest Bio:

She previously worked with Women’s Soccer and Softball at Clemson University as well as with field hockey, women’s lacrosse, cross country, and track and field at Virginia Commonwealth University. Metzger also has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and a Master’s in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky, along with multiple coaching certifications. She is also a competitive weightlifter.


Time Notes

00:03:50- Introduction
00:04:14- What led you to dropping weight classes in weightlifting?
00:07:14- What was your motivation to become a strength coach?
00:10:00- Who was the most influential coach or person that you have worked with in your career?
00:14:10- While at Kentucky, you worked with the football team, how did that go?
00:16:38- Early in your career, you did your fair share of grunt work and internships. How did that time as an intern and GA influence you and what advice would you give young coaches?
00:19:00- You have coached 11 different sports and participated in gymnastics and weightlifting. What effect has that had on your coaching style and training philosophy?
00:20:10- With your weightlifting background, do you program snatch and clean & jerk with your teams?
00:22:00- Of the snatch and clean and jerk, which one is your personal favorite?
00:22:28- What do you like better, front squats or back squats?
00:23:40- Which do you prefer, snatch or clean pull?
00:24:30- Of the 3 primary overhead movements in weightlifting, which do you prefer?
00:26:45- Did you ever find yourself adding the weightlifting exercises to your athletes’ programs because you liked coaching them and watching your athletes perform them?
00:28:00- How did you get into the sport of weightlifting?
00:29:45- Out of gymnastics, track and field and weightlifting, which sport was the most challenging for you?
00:36:05- What was your specialty in gymnastics?
00:41:45- Of all the sports that you have worked with, is there one sport that’s been more difficult for you to program for?
00:44:45- When you’re programming for sports, how do you balance bi-lateral and unilateral squatting?
00:47:40- How are the training days organized? How do you balance the demands of the 2 sports that you train?
00:55:50- How much time do you spend studying for your sport, watching film, and looking at data, to deliver a better product?
01:02:00- Is there someone who works within the department that is responsible for all the sports science collection?
01:07:11- What role does the beep test play in Tennessee and is it something that could be adapted for other sports in training?
01:09:33- When you’re working with tennis is your program performance based or designed more to prevent injuries?
01:12:15- How big of a role does arm care play in the sport of softball?
01:14:45- What are some things that you have noticed with incoming freshmen that may be lacking in compared to older athletes on the roster?
01:16:00- Conclusion


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