Episode 10:
Rob Phillips – Director of Athletic Performance at Bastrop High School


March 1, 2023

Currently the Director of Athletic Performance at Bastrop High School, Rob Phillips has had 28 stellar seasons as a coach. In this episode the coaches discuss the methodology of training multiple sports and genders and strategies to develop culture within the weightroom through communication and planning with the whole coaching staff.

Guest Bio:

Rob Phillips enters his 28th season as a coach. Currently he is the Director of Athletic Performance at Bastrop High School. Rob started his coaching career at the University of Tennessee in the summer of 1995 as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach. Since then, he has had stops at Western Carolina, the University of Miami, The Cleveland Browns, The University of Louisiana and Tulane University. In 2016 Coach Rob started coaching at the High School level to have an opportunity to coach his own son’s. First at Northland Christian in Houston where he was part of a State Championship team and remained there for 2 more seasons. Then in the summer of 2019 he accepted a position at Marshall High School, in Marshall Texas and stayed for 3 seasons before most recently accepting a similar position at Bastrop High School this past February.


Time Notes

00:01:00 – Guest introduction
00:10:30 – Tell us about your journey as a strength and where and how it all started?
00:24:10 – Of all the people that you have worked for and with, who has been the biggest influence on you as a coach?
00:30:15 – How are your workouts organized at Bastrop High School for the different teams?
00:39:09 – How did you raise the money needed to build your new weight room?
00:46:20 – How do the other sports that your train differ from what you do for football?
00:53:50 – Do you train the men and women differently or do they so something very similar?
00:58:13 – Does the UIL allow sport coaches to work with their teams during the off-season?
01:01:00 – Have you noticed a change in the kids today or do you feel that they are the same?
01:07:00 – What are some strategies that you use to develop weight room culture?
01:15:20 – Is there any advice that you would give young coaches?


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