Episode 37:
Michael Chatman – Ass Sports Performance Coach Stanford University


September 6, 2023

Sports Performance Coach Mike Chatman, a true game-changer in the world of athletic excellence. 🏀💪🎧

Episode Summary:

In our latest episode of The Moffitt Method Podcast,  we have the honor of sitting down with an exceptional Sports Performance Coach, Mike Chatman, who is about to kick off his fifth season with the men’s basketball team in 2023-24.


Before taking on this exciting role, Mike’s journey in the world of sports performance has been nothing short of impressive. He previously held the position of Assistant Athletic Director of Strength and Conditioning at Towson, and his expertise shone through as an Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at Southern Mississippi, where he served as the men’s basketball director of basketball performance.


Mike’s impact on the field is undeniable, having managed the strength and conditioning staff and programs at Towson. His focus revolved around the men’s basketball and volleyball teams and the men’s and women’s golf programs. Before his tenure at Southern Mississippi, Mike honed his skills at renowned institutions like Michigan, Texas, and Penn State, leaving a trail of athletic excellence wherever he went.


One of the highlights of Mike’s career was his time at Southeastern University, where he served as the head strength and conditioning coach for men’s basketball, further solidifying his position as a true leader in his field.


But every success story has a starting point; for Mike, it all began at Southern University. He kickstarted his professional journey as an intern and assistant strength and conditioning coach for basketball, football, and track, displaying his unwavering passion for helping athletes reach their peak performance.


Join us as we delve into Mike Chatman’s wealth of experience and expertise in sports performance training. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, a sports enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of strength and conditioning, this episode promises valuable insights and inspiring stories.


Tune in to The Moffitt Method Podcast and be prepared to be motivated by Mike Chatman’s remarkable journey and his dedication to elevating the performance of athletes at every level. 🏀💪🎧 #TheAthletesEdge #SportsPerformance #StrengthAndConditioning #Basketball #Volleyball #Golf #Podcast






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Michael ChatmanAssociate Sports Performance Coach Stanford University