Episode 6:
Mark Garrett – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Crown Point HS


February 1, 2023

With some of the biggest names in basketball, weightlifting, powerlifting, and football, influencing Coach Garrett's career, he's got a lot to share with us in this episode! From the sport of Olympic Weightlifting to working on a training regimen to accommodate over 600 athletes per day—Coach Garrett tells all in this jam-packed episode you won't want to miss.

Guest Bio:

Where there is a will, there is a way. Live to serve.

I started without a clue, and squat stands were welded together out of scrap by the KofC in Osgood, IN. We’re currently building a 31 platforms indoor practice facility. We have 7 periods a day, 90 students per period during the school day. We’ve produced several World Team kids, NCAA champions, NCAA National POTY, Pan Am/ World medalists. My proudest achievement as a professional strength and conditioning educator is having 3 former athletes selected to coach for Coach Moffitt.

University of Maine- Presque Isle. Basketball-4. Coached-2.
Milan High School (school from the movie Hoosiers) 1998-2009
Crown Point High School (2009-present)
USAW Level 3- Lead Instructor
Instructor for Mike Burgener’s Olympic Courses
NHSSCA Advisory Board
Indiana WSO Officer


Time Notes

03:00 – What led you to the field of strength and conditioning and what was it about S&C that made you want to spend the rest of your life training elite athletes?
05:00 – Where was the program when you got to Crown Point High and how has it grown to what it is today?
18:00 – What does a typical week look like in your program?
21:15 – Do you have a jump progression or a couple of jumps that you stick to?
28:00 – Do the men and women train in the WR at the same time?
30:30 – Do the females train any differently than the males?
41:30 – Do you clean and jerk together, or do you break it up into 2 lifts?
47:00 – What single leg movements are used in the program?
49:00 – Do you bench press your athletes?
57:00 – How do you handle multi-sport athletes?
1:05 – How is running programmed with your sport teams?
1:15 – Do you feel that Crossfit has helped or hurt the sport of weightlifting?
1:22 – How do you fund the weight room and where do you get the money to purchase new equipment?


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