Episode 19:
Lance Sewell – S&C Coordinator, Texas State University


May 3, 2023

Lance Sewell is an experienced strength and conditioning coordinator for Olympic sports with over 20 years of experience working with elite athletes. Currently overseeing baseball, women's basketball, and soccer programs at Texas State University, Sewell has also worked at various universities and with the Cincinnati Reds.

Episode Summary:

Lance Sewell is a strength and conditioning coordinator for Olympic sports at Texas State University, where he has been working for five years. He is responsible for overseeing the strength and conditioning programs for baseball, women’s basketball, and soccer. Prior to his time at Texas State, Sewell worked at various universities such as West Virginia University, The University of Tennessee, The University of Texas, and The University of Miami. During his 12 seasons at The University of Texas, he was part of the staff that contributed to the 2005 baseball national championship team and the 2005 football national championship team. Sewell also worked as the director of conditions for the Cincinnati Reds from 1997-2001 after spending a season with the minor league teams from 1997-98. Before returning to college athletics, he worked as a graduate assistant at Tennessee from 1995-96, where he worked with football and baseball. Sewell earned his master’s of science in sports administration from Tennessee and his bachelor’s of science in health and fitness from Baylor.

  • Key Times
    • 00:00:00
    • 00:00:57- Introduction
    • 00:03:00- What led you to your decision to become a strength and conditioning coach?
    • 00:09:05- Who has been the biggest influence on your career development?
    • 00:16:20- What are the foundational principles that you build your strength and conditioning program on?
    • 00:22:00- Can you compare the 3 sports that you work with and is there anything that the 3 may have in common?
    • 00:28:45- How do you go about organizing your calendar and training days with the demands of training 3 teams?
    • 00:35:00- What are some things that you feel every baseball player can benefit from, regardless of the position or level that they play?
    • 00:38:40- Do you feel that lower body strength plays a role in a pitcher’s velocity?
    • 00:41:05- How do you condition pitchers, catchers, and the position players?
    • 00:48:05- What role does the beep test play in the soccer team there, and could it be used in other sports as well?
    • 00:51:05- Do basketball coaches and players really think that lifting weights will negatively affect their shot?
    • 00:53:45- Do you think healthy hamstrings are related to the amount and type of running that you do or what is done in the weight room?
    • 00:56:25- How do you balance your work/life demands of being a colligate strength coach?’


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