Episode 40:
Lance Barilow- Texas Tech University- Head Strength Coach


September 27, 2023

Lance Barilow, the esteemed head strength and conditioning coach at Texas Tech. With his extensive background in collegiate athletics and private sport coaching, Lance provides invaluable perspectives on building trust and igniting personal growth. Tune in and discover how the power of principled coaching can lead to remarkable and lasting results.

Episode Summary:

Guiding Growth: Unveiling the Coaching Journey

Coach Moffitt invites you to explore the captivating realm of coaching and leadership through the experienced lens of Lance Barilow. This podcast serves as a compass for sports aficionados, managers, mentors, and individuals committed to personal development, offering a profound understanding of effective coaching dynamics.

Listeners will be transported into the heart of coaching, embodied by the “our own principle.” Visualize the quintessential coach – the one whose approach you’d ardently desire for your own child. Envision them at that pivotal juncture, infusing confidence, furnishing guidance, and nurturing unwavering trust. This podcast takes this visionary notion and translates it into actionable wisdom for enthusiasts embarking on their own coaching odysseys.

Lance Barilow, boasts an impressive background in coaching and leadership. With his tenure as the head strength and conditioning coach at Texas Tech, Lance brings forth a treasure trove of experiences and insights garnered from working with elite athletes and diverse clientele. His journey boasts significant chapters at Baylor, Kansas, and LSU, complemented by a distinguished stint in the United States Navy.

Embark on a voyage to unravel the secrets of cultivating trust, nurturing growth, and evoking confidence with “Guiding Growth.” Be it an aspiring coach, a nurturing parent, a resolute leader, or an inquisitive soul intrigued by empowerment, this podcast stands as your compass to unlocking human potential, one insightful episode at a time. Subscribe today to initiate a transformative journey that pledges to redefine your approach to coaching and leadership.




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