Episode 7:
Joey Guarascio – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at FAU


February 8, 2023

In this episode, learn how you don't need the most expensive apparatuses and devices to drive cutting-edge results. And if that wasn't enough info, Coach G also discusses deceleration training, max velocity sprints, and what adjustments are made to ensure that it optimizes the work that's done on the field.

Guest Bio:


  • Joined the staff in January of 2020 as FAU’s head strength and conditioning coach
    At Colorado State
  • Elevated to the Rams’ head strength and conditioning coach at CSU and was promoted from theassociate level just one year after moving to CSU

At Ole Miss

  • Served as the assistant strength and conditioning coach at Ole Miss where he helped lead thefootball team to a pair of New Year’s Six bowls during his tenure, including the 2014 Peach Bowl and the 2016 Sugar Bowl
  • Was also in charge of the Rebels’ pro day and NFL combine preparation programs

At Northwestern State

  • Served as the director of strength and conditioning at Northwestern State
  • Oversaw all 17 varsity sports and specifically handled football, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball

Graduate Assistant and Internships

  • Began his career as a graduate assistant at NSU and then was an intern at both Florida Atlantic and LSU
Time Notes

03:20 – What motivated you to go into strength and conditioning?
12:00 – How does technology assist you in programming?
27:00 – How does deceleration training fit into the training calendar?
44:30 – How closely do you work with the football staff and make recommendations to them regarding practice and preparation?
52:45 – How do you condition your football team for competition?
01:06:00 – What are the thresholds of max velo sprint distances and velocities during the offseason?
01:18:30 – What does toughness training look like to you and is it something that you program for?
01:28:00 – Would you train women differently from men?
01:29:45 – How would you program differently when working with pre-teens?
01:36:00 – What are some things that incoming freshmen are lacking in, and have you noticed any differences that may be related to geographics?

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