Episode 24:
Jeremy Jacobs – Associate Director of Sports Performance, Head of Football Applied Sports Science


June 7, 2023

Prior to joining Duke, Jacobs worked at Louisiana State University (LSU) for six years in various roles, including the associate director of strength and conditioning for football. At LSU, Jacobs oversaw the team's Velocity-Based Training system, Perch.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Jeremy Jacobs, a distinguished sports scientist currently serving as the Associate Director for Sports Performance and Head of Football Applied Sports Science for Duke University’s Football program. But Jeremy’s journey to this esteemed position has been a remarkable one.

Before joining Duke, Jeremy spent six years at Louisiana State University (LSU), where he played a pivotal role in the success of their football program. As the associate director of strength and conditioning for football, he spearheaded the implementation of the team’s Velocity-Based Training system, known as Perch. This innovative approach revolutionized their training methods, and Jeremy’s expertise allowed him to create meticulous daily mesocycle and macrocycle force/velocity and tonnage reports, ensuring optimal performance and injury prevention for the athletes.

However, Jeremy’s passion for sports science began at something other than LSU. In fact, he started his journey as a United States Army veteran, demonstrating his unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. This unique background, coupled with his academic achievements, sets Jeremy apart as a dynamic figure in the world of sports performance.

In our conversation with Jeremy, we explore the intricacies of Velocity-Based Training, the science behind it, and its impact on athletes’ performance. We also delve into his experiences at LSU and Duke, discussing the challenges he faced and the strategies he employed to enhance athletes’ physical capabilities.

Join us as we gain valuable insights from Jeremy Jacobs, an accomplished sports scientist with a rich kinesiology, exercise science, and pedagogy background. Whether you’re an athlete, coach, or sports enthusiast, this episode promises to provide you with invaluable knowledge to elevate your understanding of sports performance and training.

Tune in and unlock the secrets to optimizing athletic potential with our esteemed guest, Jeremy Jacobs.



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