Episode 9:
Jeremy Jacobs – Associate Director for Sports Performance at Duke University


February 22, 2023

With origins in the military as an Airborn Army Ranger, Coach Jacobs talks about how his time in the service impacted his ability to plan and prepare for anything. From differences in coaching men vs women, to how communication is passed from head coaches to the staff and then to the team, Coach Jacobs covers all kinds of helpful topics in this week's episode. 

Guest Bio:

Jeremy Jacobs serves as an Associate Director for Sports Performance and Head of Football Applied Sports Science for Duke University’s Football program.

Prior to Duke, Jeremy served a six-year stint in a variety of different roles at Louisiana State University (LSU), most recently as the associate director of strength and conditioning for football. One of the main responsibilities Jeremy oversaw while at LSU was the teams Velocity Based Training system Perch. He created daily mesocycle and macrocycle force/velocity and tonnage reports. 

Jacobs earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology – exercise science from Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2016. He added a master’s degree in kinesiology – pedagogy and psychological from LSU in 2018. Jacobs is a veteran of the United States Army.


Time Notes

02:00 – What led you to the field of strength and conditioning?
07:42 – Explain to the listeners how your early life experiences molded you into the coach and person you are today.
14:10 – What influence did the time that you spent in the Army influence your career in coaching?
17:45 – Did you train the different sports and genders differently or all the same?
23:15 – Can you describe the process and experience of leaving LSU and beginning with a new staff and team at Duke?
32:20 – Can you describe what velocity-based training is and what devices do you use to track it?
39:15 – How does velocity-based training change how you would train?
47:15 – How does this all look in the big picture of how you train the team?
54:00 – How does coach Feeley relay all the information from the different forms of technology to the head coach?
1:10:00 – Can you compare Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase with each other and what made them both so special?
1:20:00 – Ask Coach Question of the Day- What are some things that my son can do to continue to get better and gain weight?


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