Episode 8:
Jason Elkin – CEO & Head Coach at Elkin Sports Performance


February 15, 2023

Strong and consistent coaching, attention to detail, and hands-on experience are key points emphasized by Coach Elkin in this enlightening interview. Coach Elkin speaks about being reliable, responsible, and simply out-working the competition. He leaves us with a great takeaway: “Underpromise, overdeliver, and leave it better than when you found it.”

Guest Bio:

Born and raised in Richmond, Jason grew up as a wrestler at Douglas Freeman High School and, during this time, found a passion for strength and conditioning. After high school and while attending VCU, Jason worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at the University of Richmond, where he worked with all the athletes who came through the building.

After graduation from VCU, Jason continued his education at the University of Tennessee, earning his master’s degree in Exercise Science. During this time, Jason was on the strength and conditioning staff and worked with tremendous athletes, including Peyton Manning, daily.

After graduation from UT, Jason was hired as the strength coach at the prestigious McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN. During his 7 years there, Jason helped many athletes achieve their goal of becoming a Division 1 athlete. Jason was hired in 2005 by D1 Sports Training and Therapy to become the Director of Strength and Conditioning. He held that position until 2008 when he moved back home to Richmond to open Elkin Sports Performance.

Since opening ESP, Jason has had the privilege to work with athletes and adults ranging from 7 years old up to professional athletes. Currently ESP is in Richmond and continues to train athletes daily.


Time Notes

04:45 – How did you get started in strength and conditioning?
16:08 – What are some defining moments early in your career that was influential in your development?
24:15 – You have coached every age group in athletics; what are some similarities and differences that you see?
27:30 – How could you stay relevant during the pandemic and not lose clients?
34:00 – Have you noticed a difference in age groups, and has it changed over the years?
39:00 – At what age do you think it’s appropriate to introduce barbell exercises with young athletes?
42:00 – What’s your teaching progression for the clean?
45:30 – How do you organize your running program?
47:10 – Are your programs individualized for the individual, or are they more sports-specific?
55:30 – How many schools in your area of Virginia have dedicated strength and conditioning coaches?
58:15 – Do you train the men and women in your facility differently?
01:00:00 – Important lesson for a young strength coach!
01:03:30 – What are some things that you see newcomers in your program lacking in?


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