Episode 13:
Jake Flint – LSU’s Director of Athletic Development and Master Strength & Conditioning Coach


March 22, 2023

Jake Flint is a highly successful strength and conditioning coach. He has worked at Notre Dame for the past 12 years, most recently serving as co-director since 2017. During this time, he helped lead the team to 10 or more wins seven times and make two College Football Playoff appearances.

Guest Bio:

Flint also holds certifications from the CSCCA (Master Strength & Conditioning Coach) and USAW (Level 1 Sports Performance Coach). Jake was on staff at the University of Cincinnati earlier in his career. He played running back for Kelly before transitioning into coaching roles with stints at Central Michigan University, working with athletes in weightlifting competitions.


Time Notes

0:00:35- Introduction
0:02:35- How did you get started and who were some of your early mentors?
0:12:15- How do you keep the important things important?
0:17:25- What was your thought process in making sure that where you are, is the right fit?
0:24:00- How has the family adjusted to living in Baton Rouge?
0:30:15- What was your first impression of the LSU weight room?
0:34:35- How did you go about hiring your first staff at LSU?
0:40:10- What type of software does the sports science department use?
0:49:35- How do you use all the data that’s available to prepare for practice and games?
0:54:30- Can you discuss how you worked around the weather during camp?
0:57:10- Can you take us through a basic week of off-season training?
1:08:50- How involved is your staff with the technical and tactical work that the team does during the off-season?
1:11:15- How do you handle the load and high-speed distances during off-season practice sessions?
1:14:45- How have you had to adjust your training for the players coming from the portal?


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