Episode 14:
Eric Herndon – Head Strength Coach at Neville High School, Monroe, LA


March 29, 2023

Eric Herndon shares his journey from graduating from the University of Louisiana Monroe in 2000 to becoming a strength coach at Neville High School in 2010.

Episode Summary:

Eric talks about his teaching experience at Neville and Lee Jr High, as well as his career in orthopedic sales before returning to education. He also shares about his personal life, including being married to his wife Anna Claire for 23 years and having three children named Ellie, Hannah, and Holt. Join Eric as he reflects on his experiences and shares insights about his career and personal life.


Time Notes

00:00:30- Introduction
00:01:50- How did you get started in strength and conditioning?
00:09:05- Who has been the biggest influence in your career and why?
00:15:50- What is your class/work schedule look like daily?
00:30:30- Do the sport coaches at Neville High leave all of the training up to you or do they want input?
00:38:00- Is there an exercise or drill in your program that every athlete at Neville performs?
00:41:20- How would you rank the difficulty of teaching the snatch versus the clean?
00:47:40- What does a typical week look like for you guys in football?
01:00:15- Have you changed over the years or are you the same coach that you were when you started?
01:11:40- What are some new things that you are doing now that you haven’t done in the past?
01:15:30- How do you monitor the supplements that your athletes are using?
01:20:30- What are some of the biggest challenges that you face?
01:23:55- What age do you think is appropriate to begin strength and conditioning activities?
01:27:30- Do you have any advice for young coaches?


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