Episode 3:
Eric Donoval – Director of Sports Performance @ University of Wyoming


January 10, 2023

So much to unpack in one episode! All the way from the University of Wyoming, Coach Eric Donoval discusses with Coach Moffitt velocity-based training and how to implement those metrics to create a better athlete.

Episode Summary:

Donoval also lectures on the importance of ensuring a collective voice on his coaching staff to ensure an effective and efficient team. Learn the importance of hamstring health and preventative exercises and get both coaches’ perspectives on the balance between mental toughness versus the increased stress of potential injury.


Guest Bio:

Born in Sheboygan, WI. I played college football at UW-La Crosse and played two years of Arena Football for the Wisconsin Wolfpack. Started strength and conditioning career as an intern at LSU under Coach Tommy Moffitt in 2010. Completed a graduate assistantship at LSU in 2013 and was hired as a full-time assistant for five years at LSU.

Went to The University of Wyoming as the Associate Director of Sports Performance and co-directed the football sports performance department until 2020, when he was elevated to Director of Sports Performance. Has been Director for three years at Wyoming, overseeing the development of Wyoming Football.


Show Notes:

5:45 – Coach Donoval’s introduction to and journey through his strength and conditioning career.
21:00 – Emerging technologies and how the Wyoming Sports Performance staff uses it to influence
24:00 – How GPS and heartrate data assist the Wyoming staff in planning and programming training.
40:00 – Data collection, analysis, and reporting.
47:00 – The balance between improving performance, developing accountability, cohesion, and
mental/physical resilience.
57:00 – Programming for the Wyoming Football team.
1:04 – Weight room specificity by position.
1:08 – Hamstring-specific training for athletics.
1:25 – What does an average day look like for the Wyoming Sports Performance Staff?
1:31 – Organizing player development and how it fits with technical and tactical preparation of the
Wyoming football team.
1:36 – How the Wyoming Sports Performance staff adjusts their new players to altitude.
1:38 – After 12 years of coaching, what is the most valuable lesson that you have learned as a coach?


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