Episode 26:
David Queck – Director of Strength and Conditioning for Jones College


June 21, 2023

David Queck: Director of Strength & Conditioning at Jones College, Athlete Mentor, Coaching Expert, Powerlifting Enthusiast, Inspiring Success Stories.

Episode Summary:

Joining us is David Queck, who is currently completing his sixth season as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Jones College. With his exceptional leadership and expertise, he has overseen the success of various sports teams, including football, men’s and women’s basketball, and softball. Under his guidance, over 180 Division I signees have emerged, making Jones College’s combined winning percentage in these sports the highest in the nation.

David Queck’s journey in the world of athletics began at St. Cloud State University, where he excelled as a two-sport athlete in football and track. Even after his collegiate career, he continued his involvement in track and field as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Southern Mississippi. During his time there, he played a pivotal role in the success of sprinters and jumpers, leading to three NCAA individual titles and a top 10 NCAA finish.

Following his tenure at the University of Southern Mississippi, Queck took on a coaching role at the University of Memphis. As the coach for short sprints, jumps, and multi-events, he guided 11 athletes to All-American status, supported two U.S. Championship participants, and mentored three Olympians.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David Queck is also a passionate powerlifter. In his “hobby” pursuit of powerlifting, he has achieved remarkable results, boasting a total of 1565 pounds at a body weight of 175 pounds. Notably, his deadlift stands at an impressive 680 pounds.

We are truly fortunate to have David Queck with us today, and we eagerly anticipate the wealth of knowledge and insights he will bring to our podcast. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to David Queck!



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