Episode 15:
Craig Fitzgerald – Director of Strength & Performance at New York Football Giants


April 5, 2023

Fitzgerald has a wealth of experience in the field, having worked with various college teams, including Penn State and Harvard, and professional teams like the Houston Texans.

Guest Bio:

We sit down with Craig Fitzgerald, the Director of Strength and Performance for the New York Giants.

His dedication and knowledge of the field have earned him the highest honor in his profession, the certification of Master Strength and Conditioning Coach.

He shares his insights into the world of strength and performance, discussing his strategies and training techniques that have helped teams and players achieve success. He also discusses his experiences working with different teams and coaches, from developing the popular “Iron Lion” T-shirt at Penn State to helping the Houston Texans win back-to-back AFC South division championships.


Time Notes

00:00:20- Intro
00:02:20- How did you get into the field of strength and conditioning?
00:07:55- When you were at Catholic University, did you coach football as well?
00:09:25- Did your early coaching experiences affect your coaching style and were there any lessons that you learned that you still use today?
00:11:20- During your phase one program, is there running that goes along with the program?
00:19:50- How is the roster during phase 1, 2, and 3?
00:20:10- Are you able to continue training the team during OTA’s?
00:34:05- Can you talk to us about your in-season training and development and how it’s done at the NFL level?
00:42:10- Can you talk about recovery, what that means to you and how teams and players handle it throughout the NFL?
00:56:20- What does the word TOUGHNESS mean to you, and do certain players have more or less of it?
00:58:50- Can you separate mental and physical toughness?
01:03:50- What are some of your thoughts on how a college coach should handle the players that arrive from the transfer portal?
01:09:05- Are your workouts broken down by position?
01:13:40- How do the different departments work together to develop a return to play protocol for the team?
01:15:50- How do you condition the team for competition?
01:28:50- At what age did your 3 sons begin training?
01:32:20- Any advice for young coaches wanting to get into the field?


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