Episode 11:
Connor Neighbors – Director of Athletic Performance for Football at ULL


March 8, 2023

In his first year as a head strength coach, Connor Neighbors speaks like a 20-year vet. Don't miss this episode full of tips on developing team culture, overcoming adversity, and putting together a staff of like-minded individuals.

Guest Bio:

2022 Director of sports performance for football at University of Louisiana
2021 Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for University of Louisiana
2018-2020 Assistant Strength Coach at Louisiana State University
2017 Assistant Strength Coach at Florida Atlantic University
2016 Fall Internship at University of Alabama
2016 Summer Internship at Louisiana State University
2015 Tennesee Titans
2010-2014 Louisiana State University


Time Notes

00:00:45 – Introduction
00:14:20 – Talk about your journey through strength and conditioning and how you arrived at where you are today.
00:36:00 – How big is the facility at UL and how many racks do you have?
00:40:00 – How do you organize the different sports daily?
00:43:30 – When it comes to developing weight room culture and ownership in the program, what are your expectations from the teams?
00:54:00 – What is a normal day like for UL during in season training?
01:03:00 – Do you have anyone assigned to return to play protocol?
01:20:00 – How was the technical and tactical work organized this summer by you and your staff?
01:24:45 – What type of GPS devices do you use?
01:35:00 – What are some of the changes that you will make based on data that you receive from your technology?
01:44:00 – What books are you reading or recommend?
01:48:45 – Conclusion


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