Episode 54:
Cody Stout – Assistant Director of Athletic Performance – Football – University of South Alabama


January 24, 2024

Cody Stout shares his passion for strength and conditioning, which began in eighth grade and led him to work in college football.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Cody Stout shares his journey into strength and conditioning, starting in eighth grade when his high school football coach encouraged him to start lifting weights. He fell in love with the weight room and knew he wanted to work in college football strength and conditioning. Cody visited various programs during his spring break, including LSU, Ole Miss, Florida State, and Alabama. He eventually landed a position at Colorado, but went through three head coaches in three years. Despite the uncertainty, Cody and his wife navigated the challenges and remained committed to their careers. In this part of the conversation, Cody Stout discusses coaching changes and challenges, overcoming discouragement, his passion for the profession, the fraternity of strength and conditioning, the transition to South Alabama, organizing workouts with limited staff, group training and differentiation, the off-season schedule, the benefits of morning practices, and his favorite workout group. In this conversation, Cody Stout discusses the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success. He emphasizes the need to keep pushing forward and making changes to reach one’s goals. Cody also highlights the benefits of consistent training and the gains that can be made during uninterrupted training periods. He provides insights into the weekly training schedule and the specific exercises performed on each day. Additionally, Cody shares advice for young coaches and discusses the use of technology in the weight room. The conversation concludes with personal updates and closing remarks.


  • Starting early and falling in love with the weight room can lead to a career in strength and conditioning.
  • Visiting different programs and networking with coaches is essential for career development.
  • Navigating uncertainty and changes in coaching staff can be challenging, but it can also provide opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Open communication and understanding between partners is crucial when pursuing a career in a demanding field like strength and conditioning. Hard work and perseverance are essential for success in any field.
  • Consistent training over an extended period can lead to significant gains.
  • Having a well-structured weekly training schedule is crucial for optimizing performance.
  • Incorporating Olympic lifts can enhance power and explosiveness in athletes.
  • Interns play a valuable role in the strength and conditioning program.
  • Young coaches should network and learn from experienced professionals.
  • Technology, such as jump mats and smart speed devices, can enhance training.
  • Always carry a whistle and stopwatch as essential coaching tools.
  • Coaches’ journeys often involve seeking diverse experiences and opportunities.
  • The coaching profession is highly rewarding and impactful.



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