Episode 18:
Brad Solomon – Associate Director of Football Performance Nutrition at UT Austin


April 26, 2023

Brad Solomon has a strong background in performance dietetics, with experience at both the collegiate and professional levels.

Guest Bio:

Brad Solomon has a strong background in performance dietetics, with experience at collegiate and professional levels. His work with the UNLV football team and the Raiders likely provided him with valuable insights into how to develop effective nutrition strategies for athletes. Brad is now the Associate Director, Football Performance Nutrition, The University of Texas, Austin, TX.

As the former Director of Performance Dietetics for the University of Wyoming Football Program, Solomon will likely be responsible for developing and implementing nutrition plans for the team’s athletes and working closely with coaches and trainers to optimize their performance. His focus on body composition in NCAA Division-1 football athletes suggests that he recognizes the importance of tailoring nutrition strategies to specific sports and athletes, which can significantly impact performance.

Brad goes into great detail on weight gain, weight loss, post-workout snacks, pregame meals, fueling at half-time, hydration, and nutritional supplements that he approves. If you are interested in what it takes to fuel for performance, this is not an episode you want to miss!

Please Note: **At the time of this recording, Brad worked at the u of Wyoming. He recently accepted a similar position at the University of Texas.


Time Notes

00:00:35- Introduction
00:02:35- Can you tell us how you became interested in nutrition and what was your path to becoming a collegiate sports dietitian?
00:04:25- What was the process of getting the job with the Las Vegas Raiders?
00:11:15- What is a dietitian’s role in the collegiate setting, and unique challenges that you face day to day?
00:16:45- What is it like developing a complete nutritional program for a football team?
00:24:30- What challenges or changes has the department experienced building out a feeding/nutritional program for Wyoming football?
00:29:30- How do you strategize to meet the needs of the diverse types of appetites and palettes?
00:34:00- Do you think that your experience as a player helps you in communicating with the players?
00:41:15- How much do you consider genetics in a player’s ability to add mass and what does the conversation sound like when speaking to the player or coach?
00:49:30- How do you manage the conversation and communicate with a big man that needs to lose some weight?
01:01:00- How do you recommend athletes fuel for afternoon and evening practice?
01:05:00- What is better for post workout recovery, a meal, protein shake or smoothie?
01:08:00- Can you give us a breakdown of the type of foods, number of calories, and timing of a pre-game meal?
01:13:00- Can you discuss a hydration strategy for the week? When, what and how often is enough?
01:20:00- Do you offer snacks at half-time of games?
01:24:00- Would a postgame meal resemble a post workout meal or be something more substantial?
01:28:00- Let’s talk about creatine monohydrate, what are your thoughts on it?
01:36:00- How important are fish oils for football players?


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