Episode 17:
Blake McCall – Director of Strength and Conditioning at Jacksonville State University


April 19, 2023

The podcast will cover McCall's journey to becoming a strength and conditioning coach and his experiences working with LSU's successful programs.

Guest Bio:

Blake McCall, who has recently joined the coaching staff at Jacksonville State as the Gamecocks’ Strength and Conditioning Coach. McCall comes to Jacksonville State from LSU, where he was an assistant strength and conditioning coach, working with the football, beach volleyball, and swimming and diving programs. He joined the LSU strength and conditioning staff in 2019 and helped the Tigers to a perfect 15-0 record, a Southeastern Conference title, and the National Championship. McCall played offensive line for one season at Jackson State University before transferring to West Florida, where he finished his career with the Argonauts. In 2017, McCall led the Argonauts to the NCAA Div. II National Championship Game and a No. 2 National ranking in just the second season for the upstart program. A native of Century, Fla., McCall played at Northview High School and received his bachelor’s degree in physical education from UWF in 2017. 


Time Notes

00:01:30- Introduction
00:02:35- What led you to the field of strength and conditioning and who may have influenced you along the way?
00:11:00- Can you talk about working with the Beach Volleyball team at LSU and the type of athletes that they are?
00:15:00- How did your first year go as the Head Strength Coach at Jacksonville State University?
00:24:00- Can you talk about jumping on the force plate and what you’re looking for?
00:33:00- What about GPS technology?
00:37:45- Let’s talk about how you use the Elite Form VBT system?
00:42:15- What are 3 or 4 things that are essential for developing fast, explosive, athletes and why?
00:51:15- Can you explain your tweet, “Ride the wave.”
00:54:45- How much skill development work are you doing this time of the year and how is it organized?
01:00:00- Can you go a little more in depth and talk about how your week is organized?
01:09:45- What are some of the things that you think are essential for in-season training and why?
01:16:30- Who is responsible for conditioning during practice?
01:18:15- Can you talk about how you communicate with your staff and the team to get your message across?
01:24:30- Any advice for young coaches that are wanting to get into strength and conditioning?
01:26:00- Are there any books or podcasts that you recommend?


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