Episode 27:
Aaron Ausmus – 🏋️‍♂️ From USC to Sorinex, Squatober to Shot Put


June 28, 2023

In this captivating episode of the College Strength Coach podcast, we dive into the remarkable career of a renowned strength coach who made a lasting impact in the field. Join us as we explore the inspiring story of Aaron Ausmus, whose journey spans from 1998 to 2014 and 2019 to 2020, with three impressive stints at the University of Southern California (USC).

Episode Summary:

Our guest, Aaron takes us through his time at USC, where he honed his skills and left an indelible mark on the student-athletes he worked with. From developing effective training programs to instilling discipline and motivation, Coach X shares the highs and lows of his experiences as a college strength coach during these specific periods.

But Aaron’s expertise extends beyond the collegiate realm. During his career, he made a transition to the equipment sales industry, joining Sorinex from 2015 to 2019 and then again from 2021 to the present day. Discover how he leveraged his knowledge and passion for strength training to excel in this new domain and help athletes and professionals achieve their fitness goals.

Additionally, we explore Aaron’s involvement in Squatober and his role as the Strength Coach of the World. Find out how Squatober became a global movement that inspired countless individuals to embrace the power of the squat, and how Aaron’s played an instrumental role in its success. With his impressive track record, including being a two-time All-American Shot Put athlete and an NCAA Champion, Aaron’s insights on strength training and the importance of proper technique are invaluable.

Furthermore, Aaron’s remarkable achievements in the realm of Shot Put cannot be overlooked. With 13 SEC scoring records under his belt and a Tennessee State Championship in both shot put and discus during high school, his expertise in the throwing events shines through.

Tune in to this episode as we delve into the captivating world of college strength coaching, equipment sales, Squatober, and the impressive athletic journey of Aaron. Get ready to be inspired by his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to helping others unleash their true potential.



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