Episode 56:
Brandon Ally – Co-Founder of S2 Cognition


February 21, 2024

In our latest conversation, Brandon and Tommy delve into the journey from academia to coaching, shining a light on the crucial role of cognitive tests and the precision needed in performance measurement. They discuss the interaction of cognition with other performance aspects such as speed and strength, and how understanding an athlete's cognitive skills can help maximize their performance. Tune in to learn about the role of cognition data in sports and how it reduces uncertainty in player evaluation and development.

Episode Summary:


In this conversation, Brandon and Tommy discuss the process of dropping the lab coat and transitioning from academia to working with coaches. They delve into the administration of cognitive tests and the precision required in measuring milliseconds. They explore the interaction between cognition and other aspects of performance, such as speed and strength. They also discuss the effectiveness of training devices and the use of cognition data to improve performance on game day. This conversation explores the cognitive skills of athletes and how they can be evaluated and utilized in different positions and sports. It emphasizes the importance of understanding how athletes are wired and using that knowledge to maximize their performance. The conversation also touches on the role of S2 in recruiting and the transfer portal, as well as the accessibility of S2 testing for individuals. Overall, the goal is to educate people about the brain’s role in sports and reduce uncertainty in player evaluation and development. In this final part of the conversation, Tommy Moffitt and Brandon discuss their experiences coaching young athletes and the challenges they faced. They also reflect on their career goals and the fulfillment they find in helping athletes improve their performance. The conversation ends with a discussion on growth and expansion, as well as closing remarks from Tommy Moffitt.


The transition from academia to working with coaches requires finding a balance between scientific research and practical application.
Cognitive tests require precision at the millisecond level to measure performance accurately.
Cognition interacts with other aspects of performance, such as speed and strength, and can be improved through targeted training.
Training devices, such as virtual reality, can be effective in improving cognition, but the transfer of skills to real-world performance is still being studied. Understanding an athlete’s cognitive skills is crucial for maximizing their performance in different positions and sports.
Different positions have different cognitive demands, and tailoring training and strategies to match an athlete’s skills can lead to greater success.
S2 provides specific test batteries for different sports, taking into account the unique cognitive demands of each.
Access to S2 testing is available to individuals through partner labs and potential future kiosks.
The goal of S2 is to educate people about the brain’s role in sports and reduce uncertainty in player evaluation and development. Coaching young athletes requires patience and the ability to adapt to different age groups.
Fulfillment in a coaching career comes from helping athletes improve their performance.
Growth and expansion in the field of coaching can lead to new opportunities and challenges.
Closing remarks emphasize the importance of sharing the podcast and supporting its growth.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:00 The Process of Dropping the Lab Coat
08:00 Administering the Test
10:30 Measuring the Decision-Making Process
16:30 The Purpose of Lab Research
21:30 Improving Cognition
32:30 Effectiveness of Training Devices
41:30 Using Cognition Data to Improve Performance
42:16 Understanding the Cognitive Skills of Athletes
46:31 Different Demands for Different Positions
50:14 Tailoring Test Batteries for Different Sports
53:57 Access to S2 Testing
01:04:41 The Role of S2 in Recruiting and the Transfer Portal
01:12:14 Separating Personal Fandom from Professional Evaluation
01:17:42 Expanding Access to S2 Testing
01:19:59 Educating People about the Brain’s Role in Sports
01:24:10 Coaching Young Athletes
01:25:11 Career Goals and Fulfillment
01:26:30 Growth and Expansion
01:27:23 Closing Remarks


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