Introduction to The Moffitt Method

At The Moffitt Method, we work with your team to provide remote strength and conditioning training solutions that empower your athletes to excel. Our accessible app and online platform deliver custom programming to coaches and players. We look at the needs of each individual sport and school and then customize a program catered to your needs.

Whether you are an athletic director or a head coach, we’d love to hear from you about your strength and conditioning challenges. We are in the business of solving problems for coaches—whether it’s athletes wearing down too quickly, not being fast enough, not having enough power, or needing to jump higher. We can create custom strategies to help each athlete achieve the goals that will give your team the edge.

We are a group of strength and conditioning experts with more than a century of combined coaching experience. Our credentials include over 10 bachelor’s degrees, five master’s degrees, and two PhDs. Our team also holds numerous coaching certifications. We know we can help your athletes succeed in the weight room and in life. Why try to do it alone when you can have a community of expert coaches in your corner?